The Maryland State Firemen’s Association Recruitment and Retention Committee is responsible for developing and executing programs to assist member departments with recruiting new members and retaining their existing members.


Joseph Chornock, CHS-III

Vice Chairperson

Julie Casey  

Committee Members

David Lewis, P.P.
Robert Hahn
Frank Stubbs
Robert C. McHenry, Jr.
John McDowell
R. Wayne Powell
Brenda Sarmiento
William Wagner, III
Dale Sellers
Joseph Larsen, Sr.
Pete Mellits
Brian Clements
Chris St. John
Robyn Shelton Hahn
Clifton Odendhal
Dale Bowen
Ricardo Tappan
Laura Woodard
Margery Sayers
Colton Pounsberry


MIEMSS Liaison

Jim Brown

Planning Liaison

Joel McCrea

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The Right to Volunteer

Right to Volunteer